Digital Vision Solutions LLC develops the first AI-based online ophthalmology platform for diagnosis of retinal diseases. Our team consists of experienced doctors (Ph.D. in ophthalmology) and highly skilled data scientists, artificial intelligence and IT specialists.

Dr. Ameen Marashi is a recognized expert in the field of retinal diseases. We are delighted to cooperate with Dr. Marashi and Marashi Eye Clinic on validating of our AI-based algorithms. Together we share a joint passion for combining the state-of-the-art AI technology to transform modern ophthalmology enabling high quality and more accessible medical care to people worldwide.

As a result of our cooperation, we are happy to provide access to the services of our Retina.AI Platform.

If interested to learn more, please, registered by clicking the button below and use

"MARASHI” as a promo code to have a six months free access

NOTE: That you are granted only six months of free access and please note that Retina.AI Platform is currently an early version of the software (beta version) as our AI algorithms being continuously improved. We would be grateful for your feedback.