Retinal Assistant Module

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Retinal Assistant Module

Is an online tool to help categorize and triage the management for common retinal diseases, which offers ophthalmologists management recommendations along with online courses with self-assessment

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Medical Retina Diploma

⏰Starts on 12 August 2022 live on ZOOM

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Module 1️⃣: Learn to differentiate between retinal diseases stages and lesion activity by professional interpretation of FFA, OCT, OCTA, Enface OCTA

Module 2️⃣: Learn Practical intraviteral injections, Suprachoroidal injections, Port Delivery system, Retinal and Vitreal Laser and Retinal Examination techniques

Module 3️⃣: Learn the clinical guidelines for approaching and managing retinal and macular diseases according to evidence-based medicine.

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The clinical guidelines for approaching and managing common retinal diseases are to help and to inlight each ophthalmologist's retinal path. Because experience is not taught in books, I deliberately made something different and combined the sum of evidence-based medicine and several references to deliver safer clinical practice guidelines.

I know this is not an easy task, and some cases require

individualization for each patient and that the world of the retina is broad with a bumpy path. However, I have striven to find a straightforward way that leads you to the righteousness of the correct clinical evaluation, which I didn't find at the beginning of my entry into the retina world.

I hope you find these guidelines useful in your daily retinal clinical practice.

Clinical guidelines are evolving and need to be updated regularly; thus, you are invited to enhance these guidelines and add your scientific contribution.

Your scientific contribution is well appreciated to enhance and upgrade the guidelines. Your suggestions will go under a peer review. If it gains acceptance, your title name will be added as acknowledgments at the end of the guidelines.

Clinical courses for educational purposes, in this module there are three main courses one for clinical applications of OCT for macular diseases, clinical changes in RPE, and clinical pathology of diabetic macular edema.